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FRITZ!App WLAN Service

FRITZ!App WLAN reports "The Iperf server is not enabled"

While the "Measure WiFi" function is executed on an Android device, FRITZ!App WLAN displays the error message "The Iperf server is not enabled".


  • The FRITZ!Box is not configured as an Iperf-Server.

1 Enabling the Iperf server

To measure the wireless throughput, the FRITZ!Box connected to the Android device with FRITZ!App WLAN must be configured as an Iperf server:

  1. Call up in a web browser.
  2. Enable the option "Enable measuring point for an Iperf client in the home network, port 4711 for TCP and UDP" in the "Measure Throughput" section.
  3. Click "Apply Setting" to save the setting.

Now the FRITZ!Box is configured as an Iperf server and FRITZ!App WLAN can measure the data throughput of the wireless connection between the Android device and the FRITZ!Box.