Actualización del FRITZ!Fon

Latest features and improvements

FRITZ!Fon Software 4.67

  • New: Notice popups for operable start screens
  • New: Audio optimizations
  • Fixed: Internet radio stops sporadically
  • Fixed: Various display errors

FRITZ!Fon Software 4.57

  • New: Smart phone book when entering numbers or direct vanity search (FRITZ! OS 7.20 needed)
  • New: Sound settings
  • New: Start screen for displaying the temperature of a selected sensor (FRITZ! OS 7.20 needed)
  • New: In the "FRITZ! Box" start screen, the OK button leads to the event log (FRITZ! OS 7.20 needed)
  • New: Echo suppression for the other side improved
  • Fixed: Interfering noises in baby monitor operation
  • Fixed: Baby monitor might dial after a base loss
  • Fixed: Display brightness was sometimes reset to standard setting
  • Fixed: The phone might start only with a 100% full battery